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Mandy Littler

“Are you ready to take responsibility?? YOU WONT REGRET IT! This has by far been the best decision I have made. I feel so much more energetic/ Stronger I sleep so much better now so motivated to continue my journey...see where I am in 6 months time..

Aron has been such a support to me in my journey, every aspect of the program is designed to support me. Nothing is too much trouble, the messages to check in to see how I am, if I need any support are second to none.. This has quite simply been the best decision I have made for a long time“

Jack Gray’s

“Before I started the programme I felt as though I lacked motivation and was unhappy with my appearance. I was disappointed in the fact that I let myself go and my fitness levels dropped so much. I had became lazy and unhealthy.

Now I am part way through the program I feel motivated, energised, supported by Aron and the members of my group and much better about myself. With Aron’s mentoring I have learnt how to get into the right mindset, he has taught me the importance of good nutrition along side a healthy balance of exercise and training."